Custom Cut & Color:

Prices vary according to stylist selected

Cut & Style $38 & up
Style Dry $28 & up
Kid Cut (12 & under) $21 & up
Men's Cut $28 & up
Perm $58 & up
Perm & Cut $91 & up
Color Full Head $53 & up
Color Full Head & Cut $86 & up
Weave (Full Head) $76 & up
Weave (Full Head) & Cut $103 & up
Partial Weave $45 & up
Partial Weave & Cut $83 & up
Full Head Color
    & Partial Weave
$94 & up
Full Head Color,
    Partial Weave, & Cut
$100 & up
Updo (depending on styles) $50
Bride Updo $65
Bang Trim $10
Reconditioners $15

Hair & Eyelash Extensions

Hair Extensions: Great Lengths hair extensions use a protein bond that won't damage your hair. They are available in any color & in seven lengths. With proper care, extensions can last between 3 and 6 months following application! Prices may vary, please call to set up a free consultation with our Great Lengths certified specialists.

Eyelash Extensions: Our Shavasana Eyelash Extensions are made of a synthetic fiber that looks & feels just like your natural lashes. The extensions are applied directly to your natural lashes. We offer two different styles of lashes here at Village. The first are the classic eyelash extensions: each individual lash of your own has one synthetic lash applied to it. The second style are the volume eyelash extensions. With the volume lashes, multiple lashes are applied to each individual of your own, creating a fan effect of the lashes. Both lash extensions are pain-free, completely safe, & perfect for anyone of any age.

Classic Volume
Full Set $180 $215
1 week $45 $60
2–3 weeks $55 $75
4–5 weeks $65 $90
6 weeks or later $180 $215

Hand & Nail Services

Manicure: Our full service manicures include trimming, cleaning, & filing your nails. We finish with a hand massage & with OPI polish of your choice.

Spa Manicure: This specialty includes the full manicure & adds & exfoliating scrub to hydrate & renew the skin surface. Hydrating lotion is massaged into your hands, & a warm paraffin wax treatment to seal in the moisture.

Polish Change: Your nails are trimmed, filed & polished. You could also try a shellac polish change. This includes hands & toes!

Add Shellac to any nail service for an additional $15

Pedicure Services

Pedicure: Our full service pedicure includes a warm foot bath & nail trimming & filing. Your feet & legs are exfoliated, lotioned & massaged. We finish with a warm paraffin dip & the OPI polish of your choice.

Spa Pedicure: Our specialty pedicure includes the full service pedicure & adds an intensive moisturizing & exfoliating leg treatment.

Pedicure $53
Moisturizing Masque Pedicure $63
Spa Pedicure $73
Shellac Polish added to any Pedicure for additional $15

Spa Facial Services

Seaweed Treatment Mask
Express Facial On-The-Go

Express Facial On-The-Go: on the Go” is the express ticket to clean and healthy skin.A soothing massage with our revitalizing C-Serum followed bya fresh seaweed mask.This cooling and soothing treatment helps hydrate while improving skin tone and clarity. Perfect as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with exfoliating treatments.

75 Minutes - $75.00

Vita Cura 5 Phrase Firming Facial
For Dry/Mature skin types

Provides an instant trigger to younger looking skin. Specifically designed to invigorate, lift and firm mature skin. An Enzymatic Micropeel helps uncover a vibrant complexion. Two massages and cool Spirulina Seaweed Mask with clinically proven bio-mimetic Pentapeptide firm and smooth the skin. Then the skin is treated wth Vita Cura Opti Lift Serum for immediate and visable results. Long term benefits to preserve elasticity, improve oxygenation and help prompt cell renewal.

75 Minutes - $95.00

Four Layer Facial
For all skin types

The premier anti-aging treatment. Experience four layers of rejuvenating seaweed rich in 12 vitamines and phlorotannins. 42 trace elements, minerals, and 18 amino acids to help reduce wrinkles, firm and contour. See the difference: cleaner, healthier, younger looking skin.

75 Minutes - $95.00

Opti-Firm Eye Contour Treatment
With Argireline Hexapeptide

Clinically proven ingredients work to reduce wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles around the eye area.

30 Minutes - $30.00

Mini Facial: 1/2 hour Basic Facial

Seaweed Oxygen Facial $75
Four Layer Facial $80
Mini Facial $35

Skin Treatments

Microdermabrasion: This procedure sounds intensive however it is skin invigorating! It will remove dead flaky skin cells & stimulate the production fresh young skin cells & collagen. There is no down time & the process is non-invasive. Microderm is ideal for fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, & freckles. It removes excess oil & reduces pores size & acne scars.

Individual Session $133
Series of 4 Sessions $412/package
(=$103/each, $120 savings)

Chemical Peels: These peels help to further loosen the glue-like substance that holds our dead cells together, allowing the to slough off more easily & encourages fresh healthy cells to surface more quickly!

Waxing Services:

Eyebrow/Lip Wax $19
Facial Wax $36