Eyelash Extensions
    Our Shavasana Eyelash Extensions are made of a synthetic fiber that looks & feels just like your natural lashes. The extensions are applied directly to your natural lashes. We offer two different styles of lashes here at Village. The first are the classic eyelash extensions: each individual lash of your own has one synthetic lash applied to it. The second style are the volume eyelash extensions. With the volume lashes, multiple lashes are applied to each individual of your own, creating a fan effect of the lashes. Both lash extensions are pain-free, completely safe, & perfect for anyone of any age.

             **** New prices below will be effective May 1st, 2017 ****

(1 extension: 1 lash)  
  (2D-4D per natural lash)
 (5D+ per natural lash)
Full Set: $200 $250 $300
Mini Fill: (45 min) - $50 (45 min) - $65 (60 min) - $90
Fill: (75 min) - $70 (90 min) - $95 (120 min) - $125